Percuil River Moorings Limited
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Percuil River Moorings Limited


Percuil River Moorings Limited has been operating since 1989 and manages over 500 moorings on the Percuil River on behalf of its licensees. It is run by local volunteers and continues the tradition of having non-maintained moorings for the mutual benefit of mooring licensees on the Percuil River. The company employs a part-time Administrator.

It is intended that the benefits derived by licensees from the unique nature of the company are not exploited, and we depend on all those involved not circumventing its principles of operation, and acting at all times within the spirit of its aims.

This website is intended to provide information for existing and prospective mooring licence holders and sub-licensees.

The Company seeks to deal with all matters via digital communication to minimise the need for printing and postage costs and to this end strongly prefers contact via email