October 2022 Newsletter

The Directors of Percuil River Moorings Limited hope that you have been able to enjoy the season with its extended periods of fair weather.

With the season drawing to a close, we take this opportunity to bring a number of matters to the attention of all licensees.

Should you be planning to have a boat on your mooring during the winter, you are required to have had an additional mooring check by an Approved Mooring Contractor not later than the 31st October.  Please can you advise if you wish to have a boat on your mooring over the winter and let us have a copy of the mooring check provided by your Approved Mooring Contractor in advance of that date.

As in previous years we have a considerable number of people on the Waiting List for new moorings.  We would ask that any licensee who is considering handing back a mooring does so at the earliest opportunity to allow mooring allocations to be made as early as possible in the new year.  In order to facilitate mooring allocations for 2023, the latest date for notifying us of handed back moorings is 31st October 2022.  If we are not notified by this date the full licence fee for 2023 will be payable.  We are grateful for your assistance in this matter to allow us to start allocation of moorings earlier to be best able to address those seeking moorings from the Waiting List.

Over recent years the Board of Percuil River Moorings has worked hard to avoid the need to charge VAT on mooring licence fees.  Unfortunately as a result of the VAT threshold and increasing costs it is almost certain that the licence fee for 2023-24 will need to include VAT.  This will necessarily result in an increase of 20% in licence fees.  In line with our purpose “to supply self-managed, non-maintained and cost-effective moorings” any increase other than the addition of VAT will be kept to a minimum.  The 2023-24 licence fee rate (£6.30/ft of authorised length for 2022-23) will be notified to licensees as soon as possible after the Percuil River Moorings Ltd Annual General Meeting at the end of the year.

The Board has continued their efforts to reduce proximity problems on the river – building on the extensive mooring repositioning over the past couple of years.  Whilst, in a congested river such as the Percuil, there will always be problems when wind and tidal conditions are balanced against one another, almost without exception this year, contact between vessels (other than in such conditions) has been attributed to one or other mooring not being compliant with the mooring specification guidelines.  Whilst the expertise on these specifications lies with your AMC, we would encourage you to ask your AMC to confirm that the servicing of your mooring is in accordance with the guidelines and to ask for a copy of the mooring service report that must be submitted to us.

We wish you well for the remainder of 2022 and look forward to 2023.